The Powerful Woman Pt. II: Her Purpose


The Seven Undeniable Traits of The Powerful Woman: Pt. II

The first trait is Courage.

The second trait is Purpose.

II. Her Purpose

“I don’t want to know what you do.” The Powerful Woman states, for she knows this is a trivial, artificial label. She wants to know something more.

“What do you long for? What do you ache for?” She implores.

“If time, money, and fear were no issue, how much bigger could you dream?…

How much more alive could you be if you renounced your safe cocoon of comfort for PASSION, for LOVE, for the ultimate PURPOSE of living for something greater?”

For most, the idea of asking these questions is frightening. It is much easier to dull themselves. To live pleasantly yet aimlessly. To succumb to a numbing, disquieting march of complacency and judgement… Always judgement.

Judgement, after all, is what they resort to when their own lives are purposeless.



Literally anesthetized by the fear of asking… of DEMANDING something more.

The Powerful Woman is not afraid to ask questions.

She is not afraid to demand more, from herself or from others. She is not afraid to question the reality that attempts to box her in.

In fact it is the recognition that reality is hers to redefine that leads her to a depth of understanding that so alludes others:

To redefine reality is, in and of itself, her purpose.

The Powerful Woman watches as the world passes them by, as they chase unrequited permission and validation. She realizes that purpose can only be found when all of that is forsaken.

Her Purpose is not an external drive, it is an internal fire. It is a vision of how the world COULD BE, irrespective of how the world IS.

Purpose must always be anchored in desired change, in desired growth. For when we stop growing, we decay. Ultimately, we die. This is a truth that they so often forget. But this is a truth that The Powerful Woman never forgets.

  • Her Purpose is driven by a deep appreciation of the nature of time, of growth, and of death.

  • Her Purpose is driven by urgency.

  • Her Purpose is driven by necessity.

“What do you long for?” She asks once more. “What do you ache for?” It is in these questions that she is challenging you to ask for more. To unearth the truth that lies buried within you, and to activate your most powerful catalyst for freedom:

Your Purpose.

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