“In a world that feeds off your insecurity, loving yourself is an act of rebellion ” - Lisa Carmen Wang

I’m happy you’re here.

In this newsletter, I share my journey and a combination of powerful stories, quotes, and voices that inspire me, motivate me, and make me stop and think (and hopefully help you take a pause in your day as well).

My work, writing, coaching, and speaking are a culmination of the decades of mental, physical, and professional training that I have gone through as an Olympic-level athlete, serial entrepreneur, and community leader to coach female startup CEOs and business leaders to step into their full power.

I host the Enoughness Podcast to discuss the delicate balance between success & enoughness and ask the universal question, “How much is good enough?”

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I’m also an angel investor in high-growth startups and host of The Confident Investor Podcast to help everyday people ‘Learn to Invest, without the BS' so anyone can take control of their financial future regardless of their age, income or experience

Learn to Invest, w/o the BS

As a former USA National Champion & Hall of Fame Gymnast, I do everything with an unparalleled level of discipline and focus to everything I pursue (i.e. Intensity is my Moda Operandi)

I was the Founder & former CEO of SheWorx (successfully acquired), the leading global platform empowering over 20,000+ female entrepreneurs. I’ve been named Forbes 30 under 30 Venture Capital, Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Woman, CIO’s Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch, Red Bull Hero of The Year, Red Shoe Movement Hall of Fame, and is an Advisory Board Member to PepsiCo’s WomanMade initiative.

My work is centered around my passion and the impact I strive to make in the world. There is ZERO room for condescension, rudeness, sexism, racism, xenophobia, and I operate on a zero *sshole tolerance policy in my life and work.

I hope this newsletter will inspire you to look deeper inside and have the courage to live in total alignment with your values.

I live my life according to three core values:

  1. Passion - I do things with a “f*ck yes” or “f*ck no” mentality. All in or nothing.

  2. Purpose - I ask hard questions to align myself with the things that matter to me.

  3. Power - I tap into my unique strengths and superpowers in order to help others tap into theirs.

I believe the best investment you can make is into yourself… because if you can’t bet on yourself, who can you? And to that end, taking full responsibility for your own life.

“Your wound may not be your fault, but your healing and recovery is your responsibility” - LCW

I believe everyone has the ability to create their own reality. But the majority of people just choose not to, or are afraid to do so.

I believe in building dreams from a place of limitless possibility, facing your fears, and challenging the status quo.

I believe the face of leadership needs to change. I believe in radically self-aware leaders.

“Make your vision so clear, your fears become irrelevant.” - LCW

To create the respective realities we dream of, we must all begin by asking the hard questions of ourselves, we must be able to face our inner demons and embrace our darkness. Impact, love, fulfillment, can only be achieved when we have learned to master ourselves.

“In order to create light for others, we must first be able to face and embrace our inner demons.” - LCW

In this newsletter, I’ll share with you the most important life skills I’ve learned:

How to ask the hard questions, how to dig inside, how to figure out what you want, how to live in alignment with your core values, how to listen and help people feel heard, how to give and receive love, how to love yourself so you can show up fully, authentically and unapologetically YOU.

How to set goals, then most importantly, how to just do it - to release yourself of the fear of failure, of rejection, of caring about what other people think, and just launch, just launch and maybe fail and get up and try again, and again, and again, because if you really want it badly enough, you will not stop until you get it... Because you are so CONVICTED that this needs to happen that you literally give zero fucks about the people who stand in your way, because non-believers and haters will always be there, and they’re just noise - just small insignificant specks of bird shit, on the highway of your life.

…and finally how to be present and see and remember to give gratitude for your life every single day because it is so so incredible that you were even chosen to be alive in this great big mysterious lottery of human existence, and it will be gone in a blink of an eye.

As Maya Angelou said, “There is no Greater Agony Than Bearing an Untold Story Inside You”

So what story is still left inside of you? You must remember, It is your life, and you are the author.

If you don’t write it, someone else will.

Sending you love, Lisa Carmen Wang

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“A woman steps into her full power, not when she is finally given permission to do so, but because she realizes that she never needed it in the first place.” - Lisa Carmen Wang