I interviewed one of my greatest role models...

Leadership Lessons from Meg Whitman, CEO of Quibi

Two years ago, I launched my first podcast, the Enoughness podcast, to answer the question, “How much is good enough?”

I was trying to deal with my own issues of inadequacy, and wondering why I still felt stuck in my small self - insecure, shy, fearful -  wondering why external achievements didn’t automatically transform me into someone confident and powerful. 

After 23 interview episodes, I discovered that while external achievements can shine a light on what you’re capable of, what truly catapults you into becoming your best self is the recognition of your ability to impact others, to change lives by simply showing up more fully. I call this…

“The Enoughness Moment” - the moment at which your own shame and insecurities pale in comparison to your desire to empower others.

How much more impact could you create if you committed to showing up as your best self today?

Today, I am re-committing to doing exactly that. This means:

  • Focusing on things that matter - Letting go of “good” in order to create room for “great” - in everything from projects to personal relationships

  • Investing in my strengths - I’m finalizing my certification in executive coaching to support business leaders in an even more high-impact way

  • Creating room for more magic - In addition to The Global League of Women Podcast which has reached thousands of listeners through powerful female voices,  I’m excited to announce the re-brand of the Enoughness podcast with the launch of LEADERSHIP WITH LISA, a podcast sharing the most powerful leadership lessons I’ve learned, alongside the most impactful leaders I’ve met.

When I envisioned who I could be, I realized that the best version of Lisa is as a leader. To me, being a leader is creating light and hope for people to become their best selves. When you live authentically and powerfully as your best self, you inadvertently give others permission to do the same. Through the LEADERSHIP WITH LISA podcast, I commit to doing just that.

Enjoy this new episode in this new season with one of the most formidable businesswomen and my personal role model, Meg Whitman, CEO of Quibi, Former CEO of HP and eBay.


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