Invest with Empathy

“What can I do within the resources I control to make the greatest difference?”

There have been many statements over the past week addressing the atrocities that are happening to our black brothers and sisters, but amongst the noise, the question remains, how will we go about creating lasting change?

While it’s true, doing nothing says something; however, saying something and then doing nothing - especially in the new normal - says even more.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Well done is better than well said.”

One powerful question to ask yourself is,“What can I do within the resources I control to make the greatest difference?”

I’ve seen VCs opening up office hours for black founders, a complied list of 55 incredible black journalists, authors, and scholars you can support, 18 nonprofit organizations we all can support with our pocketbooks, and today, SoftBank announced their $100M fund to back founders of color.

It may feel overwhelming to think about what one person can feasibly do to make a difference, but I want to reiterate that EVERY VOICE MATTERS, and even more importantly, EVERY ACTION MATTERS.

There has never been a more critical need for empathetic leaders who truly care about their communities. Leadership is no longer about being the toughest or the strongest. Quite the contrary, we need leaders who are willing to be real and vulnerable, ones who will risk their comfort to share their own difficult stories in order to uplift others and highlight our shared humanity. 

It’s time for all of us to actively listen and amplify black voices that need to be heard.

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing my dear friend Jacques-Philippe Piverger on the Leadership with Lisa podcast. As a Partner of Ozone X Ventures, he invests in minority and women-led impact-driven companies, and is a shining example of empathetic, purposeful leadership.

We tackle important issues around race and gender inequity, leading from a place of empathy and gratitude, economic empowerment, and creating change through ACTION not just words.

Please listen and take a stand for a much needed change in leadership. 

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