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Whose Definition of Success are You Living?

Have the courage to choose who you'll be today, regardless of who you were yesterday

How are you spending your extra time in quarantine? Like many others, I've found this to be a powerful moment to slow down and reflect. Some important questions I've asked myself:

  • Am I living my own definition of success, or someone else's?

  • What are the things (and people) that bring me the most joy? Do I create enough room for them in my life?

  • Are there things that I'm still doing that are NOT serving my greater purpose? If so, how do I stop those things?

  • Do I even know what my greater purpose is?

  • What limiting beliefs or behaviors are preventing me from living my most powerful and authentic life?

I encourage you to take this opportunity to ask yourself these admittedly hard, but very important questions so you can emerge from this period stronger than ever. To support you, our team has put together The GLOW Self-Love Challenge, a 21-day audio course to learn to let go of limiting beliefs & perfectionism once and for all to manifest the life you deserve. For a limited time join with code HERLOVE for 50% off.

The Global League of Women Podcast

“We need to move much more towards the dating model of work, which is that everybody has a fit somewhere.”

Modern society has told us to be very selective in seeking romantic partners. We’re told to be our authentic selves, and swipe through quickly until we find someone who will be our perfect fit. As a result, dating apps have grown exponentially. Unfortunately, this level of support has not transferred over to our careers even though we spend so much of our lives working.  

Frida Polli, CEO of Pymetrics, is on a mission to help you find your perfect career fit in today’s job market. While getting her MBA at Harvard University, Frida had a front row seat to her peers’ career struggles and her own experiences of hiring bias as a 38-year-old single mother. However, instead of becoming a victim to the system, she decided to do something about it.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why the traditional hiring and career search model is broken

  • Why bias is present in our career world views 

  • Why external validation can be a trap 

  • The importance of understanding your strengths as a compass for your career development


See last week’s episode on Overcoming The Fear of Aging with Michelle Aspinwall. 🎧Apple Podcasts // Spotify

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