How to believe in yourself when no one else will

“Power is the ability to do whatever one wants, whenever they want, wherever and however they want. But the bigger piece is the impact and being able to influence other people, hopefully, in a positive way.” - Jess Mah, Founder & CEO, Indinero

Growing up as an elite athlete, there were so many times that I did not want to go into the gym. It was hard. It was exhausting, and oftentimes, it was monotonous. The same thing happens as an entrepreneur driving my business day in and day out. 

But the thing is, I’ve always had conviction in my dreams. I’ve always believed in my ability to work hard. I’ve always believed that if I worked hard enough, something good would inevitably come out of it.

In order to achieve something, you must have the conviction that you are absolutely going to make it happen. While you can't control the outcome, what you can control is how much you’re willing believe in yourself.

This week on the Leadership with Lisa Podcast, I had the opportunity to speak with Jess Mah, Founder and CEO of Indinero, the multimillion dollar B2B startup accounting software company employing 300+ employees. She’s been named Forbes 30 Under 30, Inc 30 under 30, and has graced the cover of Inc Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America.

Despite being a straight-C student throughout high school and struggling through depression, she chose to believe in herself when no one else would. After she raised her first $1 million in funding, she burned through all of it and had to rebuild from the beginning. Even when no one would give her more money, she kept going.

How did she have the confidence when she didn't have the degree, the business background, or the network? In this week’s interview, you’ll learn about how Jess was able to manifest her empire. Listen on Apple Podcasts // Spotify


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