The Powerful Woman Pt. I: Her Courage


The Seven Undeniable Traits of The Powerful Woman: Pt. I

Who is The Powerful Woman? What traits makes her powerful? Why must she persist? In a world that is simultaneously craving and denying the strength of The Powerful Woman, we need her more than ever. Often, there is a mystique around Power as the word in and of itself has been appropriated and distorted by men to give women a negative, fearful perception around owning Power for herself. This is a series that expounds on The Seven Undeniable Traits of The Powerful Woman.

The first trait is Courage.

I. Her Courage

The Powerful Woman is willing to stand up for what she believes in, what she knows is right in the face of fear, injustice, and cruelty. Her courage often takes up an air of defiance, for in a world that still caters towards patriarchal standards and masculine leadership, the act of standing firm must inevitably appear as such.

Her courage takes the form of challenging the status quo, of questioning preconceived notions of morality and tradition, for isn’t it these very things that held and continue to hold her sisters back?

Morality, that which is good or bad, has bifurcated our society into black and white according to the views of men:

“He is right, and she is wrong.”

“He is strong, and she is weak.”

“She is pure, and she is a whore.”

At what point did we accept his values as truth? Why do so many of us walk through life passively accepting things as they are? Because it is easier.

It is easy to stay silent.

It is easy to live in fear.

It is easy to forsake responsibility.

It is easy to blame external forces.

It is easy to turn a blind eye to injustice.

We live in a world dictated by historically unchallenged power structures that men have created around his ideals, his norms, his beliefs to protect his status. War, Oppression, Hierarchy - this has been his game throughout history and the result is the boundless perpetuation of inequality.

Furthermore, the insidious effect of these structures are manifested in the subtle ways women are subjugated into silence and powerlessness every single day…

In her inability to say “No.”

In her lack of confidence.

In her fear of being rejected.

In her need for validation.

We care so much about pleasing him that we forget that she is the source of life. The most powerful source of all.

Therefore, it is The Powerful Woman who remembers this, who reminds herself that she has strength in spite of the messages that abound telling her she is not enough, she is weak, she is less than.

It is The Powerful Woman who has the courage to reject his truth, to question the validity of his morals. She has the will to uphold her own values and uplift the voices of her sisters, even if it means going to the edge. Even if it means walking alone.

The edge is a terrifying place to be. And that is precisely why we need courage.

Many women who have gone to the edge before have fallen - out of grace, out of favor, and historically, into her demise.

So it is with courage that The Powerful Woman must bear the sticks and stones that will inevitably be hurled her way.

So it is with courage that The Powerful Woman must march on, march on, march on, undeterred, paving the way for a future reality that is as palpable as her own two feet.

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