Prove Yourself Wrong

Turning Pain into Power

Over time, you train your brain to think differently. I know I have. My brain is now like, ‘Oh, you can give a TEDx talk that gets viewed by 10 million people, but yet you couldn’t read your paper in front of 20 people in your high school class.’ When you say, I’m willing to prove myself wrong, you can do a lot. -  Amy Morin, 3-Time Author and TEDx Speaker

Loss of loved ones, fear of public speaking, anxiety about the future - these are things we all experience, but often struggle to overcome. 

Amy Morin is a psychotherapist and best-selling author that has gone through her own fair share of loss - she was 23 when she lost her mother. She lost her husband when she was 26. Then, when another tragedy struck, she knew she would survive only if she committed to turning her pain into power.

She wrote a personal letter about what mentally strong people don't do, and decided to share it online. Unexpectedly, it went viral with 50 million views. Her life has never been the same since. Amy’s TEDx talk has been seen over 11 million times and her international best-selling book, 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do has empowered people across 33 languages.

Would love to hear from you. What are some current struggles that are holding you back? How could you turn those into strengths?

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In this week’s episode, you will also learn:

  • How to strengthen your internal mindset and build self-confidence 

  • Why sharing your ideas and experiences publicly can have unexpected benefits 

  • How to control your thoughts and actions to become the person you want be

  • How to face your fears by taking one step forward on the “fear ladder” 

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Gal Gadot, Sigourney Weaver and Brie Larson join forces to introduce the Oscars' first female conductor, Eimear Noone

“All Women Are Superheroes - the three of us make a powerful combination and we decided after the show, we’re going to start a Fight Club”

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You should know I think you're f*ckin' beautiful
All ya flaws are perfect
You should let 'em show

Reading: Three Women, Lisa Taddeo

“Even when women are being heard, it is often only the right types of women who are actively heard. White ones. Rich ones. Pretty ones. Young ones. Best to be all those things at once…” 

Watching: Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones That Count, Brene Brown

“It is not about winning. It is not about losing. It is about showing up and being seen

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