She can be Powerful AND Feminine

Becoming "Fearlessly Female" in the boardroom, bedroom, and any room she f***ing wants

For the majority of my life I pursued perfection and success at all costs… But this year became the most powerful year of my life because I began to actively question why the never-ending pursuit of success left me feeling hollow and restricted.

“When is it ever enough?”

“Who am I without my achievements?” 

“Who am I without the habituated thoughts, limiting beliefs, and rigid labels that society has thrust upon me?” 

Layer by layer, I shed the fears that constricted me for so long…

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of rejection

  • Fear of what people say think or do if I dared to show my most authentic, powerful self. 

I stepped into my full power when I realized… 

  • I can be successful and sexy.

  • I can be smart and stylish.

  • I can be strong and sensual

None of these traits are diametrically opposed. In fact, by combining the “masculine” & “feminine,” I became even more empowered. 

Embracing my full power as a woman means I can be whoever I want, whenever and however I want *WITHOUT SHAME for any of it.* 

By learning how to nurture myself from the inside out and embrace my true feminine power, I released toxic people, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors to fundamentally transform my life. 

My only wish is to empower other women to experience what I have… to become FEARLESSLY FEMALE.

If you are a female leader who has found success professionally but are now seeking something more… more fulfillment, more love, more joy, more balance, more purpose…  I invite you to join me to learn how to tap into your full FEMININE & SEXUAL POWER.

I invite you to give yourself permission to step into your full power to be everything you were meant to be this year, without fear, doubt or shame.

Ready to become Fearlessly Female?

Join me next week for the FREE WORKSHOP on Thursday 8/6 at 7pm EST. For women who want to tap into their personal, professional, & sexual power to release limiting beliefs & harness unstoppable confidence in the boardroom, the bedroom, & any room she f**cking wants.


In this 60-minute workshop we discuss:

  1. How to harness the power of your Fearlessly Female Alter Ego

  2. How to confidently own your femininity & sexuality in the boardroom & bedroom

  3. How to use your Alter Ego to release fear, shame, and limiting beliefs

  4. How to authentically promote your voice, your brand, and your work


A woman steps into her full power, not when she is finally given permission to do so, but because she realizes she never needed it in the first place.

- Lisa Carmen Wang, Founder, The GLOW