The Pros & Cons of Venture Capital

To raise, or not to raise? That is the question.

“I always had super big ambitions. I knew I wanted to get the timing right because I also wanted to have a successful business and not a moonshot that failed. So that was my internal monologue for nearly five years until I did decide that the timing was right to fundraise.”-  Eliza Blank, Founder and CEO of The Sill

Ask any entrepreneur, starting a startup is one of the hardest paths you can take. As a female founder there are even more challenges to overcome, especially when it comes to raising funds. 

Eliza Blank, Founder of The Sill, a direct-to-consumer plant delivery startup, bootstrapped her company for 5 years before deciding to raise outside venture capital money, and closing $7.5M to date. 

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Eliza also shares her most important lessons about choosing the right partners. Professionally, she decided to go solo after realizing how she and her co-founder were incompatible. Personally, Eliza got engaged, married, and became a mother, all while fundraising and ramping up her startup.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to overcome the fundraising challenges that female founders specifically face

  • Specific tactics to improve your fundraising process 

  • How to be intentional when selecting business partners 

  • How to answer biased fundraising questions by highlighting your vision and track record 

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Reading: Bow Down by Lindsay Goldwert

…I said “I don’t know” when I did know. I acted indecisive out of courtesy. I deferred to other people when I knew that they were wrong or that I’d regret it. I’ve taken calls with recruiters for jobs that I didn’t even want and feigned enthusiasm out of politeness. I once tweeted a joke that said “My epitaph will read, ‘Ha, no problem!’” A lot of women liked and RT’ed it because they got it.

Because ‘haha, no problem” is easier than saying “thanks for wasting my time.”

It’s ludicrous how much time we as women waste in an attempt to not come off like we’re demanding too much.

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Watching: 3 Ways to Measure Your Adaptability and How to Improve It, Natalie Fratto

“Adaptability itself is a form of intelligence”

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